2017 Exhibitor List

Booth 100: Can-Tex Protective Systems                                     Booth A: Finest Sausage & Meat
Booth 101: Yes Group Inc.                                                           Booth B: Abate Packers
Booth 102: Quality Engineered Solutions                                    Booth C: The Meat Depot
Booth 104: Foodcon                                                                     Booth D:
Booth 105: Smart Earth Performance FG                                    Booth E: Road Trip Farms
Booth 108: DeWied International                                                 Booth F:
Booth 109: Ketchum Manufacturing                                             Booth G: National Gourmet
Booth 110: Food Safety Alliance                                                  Booth H: fudi
Booth 111: Pemberton & Associates                                            Booth I: Chateau des Charmes
Booth 124: Carlisle Technology                                                    Booth J: Black Angus Fine Meats
Booth 125: DPEC Food Solutions Inc.                                         Booth K: Mark’s Mennonite Meats
Booth 126: H2Flow Equipment                                                    Booth L: Florence Meats
Booth 128: Auralite Panel Products                                             Booth M: Il Tagliere Salumeria
Booth 128B: SGS Canada                                                           Booth N: Innocente Brewing
Booth 129: Brass Monkey Installations                                        Booth O: British Grocer
Booth 130: Scigiene Corporation                                                 Booth P: Signable Inc.
Booth 131: Matrix Industrial Control Systems Inc.                       Booth Q: Artisan Farms Direct
Booth 200: Multivac Canada                                                        Booth R: OIMP
Booth 201: Duropac
Booth 203: Euler Hermes
Booth 204: Malabar Super Spice Co.
Booth 205: BIO – bioLinks
Booth 208: Handtmann Canada Ltd.
Booth 209: UniPac Packaging Products
Booth 211: Viscofan Canada
Booth 224: Klever Equipped
Booth 226: Ag Energy Co-operative
Booth 227: Scott Systems International
Booth 228: Heat Sealing Packaging
Booth 228B: Kentmaster Mfg. Co. Inc.
Booth 229: Moore Packaging Corporation
Booth 229B: Franesse DP
Booth 230: Sterling Marking Products
Booth 231: Hubbell Canada
Booth 300: Reiser Canada
Booth 304: David Food Processing Equipment
Booth 308: VC999
Booth 324: Poly-Clip System
Booth 326: Identification Multi Solutions
Booth 327: AKR Consulting Canada
Booth 328: SYSPRO Canada
Booth 328B: 3M Canada
Booth 329: G.S. Dunn Limited
Booth 329B: Simoneau & Sterling Inc.
Booth 330: Jarvis Canada
Booth 331: Packaging Technologies Inc.
Booth 400: Interweigh Systems Inc.
Booth 405: Sani Marc Food & Beverage
Booth 408: Abell Pest Control
Booth 410: Erb Transport
Booth 425: Vancouver Food Machinery
Booth 427: General Refrigeration Group
Booth 428: Bizerba Canada
Booth 428B: Trappexpert Ontario
Booth 429: Quantum Food Solutions
Booth 429B: Coding Products of Canada
Booth 430: IVO Cutlery Canada
Booth 502: Veal Farmers of Ontario
Booth 504: Chicken Farmers of Ontario
Booth 506: Ontario Pork
Booth 508: Beef Farmers of Ontario
Booth 510: Agri-food Management Institute
Booth 512: Turkey Farmers of Ontario
Booth 514: Food and Beverage Ontario: Taste Your Future Program
Booth 516: Food Processing HR Council